Financial consulting

Are you looking for a financial solution? Do you need help and consulting regarding the Hungarian market of finance? Do you need financing or would you like to invest your money into yielding investments? Insurance, mortgage or long term financial planing? Ask for a quotation online!

The consultants at are always available for you. You may reach us at our standard phone line, Skype and of course via an online inquiry. Please fill out the relevant forms in order to get in touch with us online.

Home loans, mortgages, real estate financing

We can help your needs in the areas of home loans, mortgages and real estate financing in Hungary. Moreover, if you have a Hungarian bank account and you work in Hungary, we can also arrange product and personal loans as well. Are you looking for the most comforting and cheap solution? Less monthly payments? Ask an advisor at, we will make sure that you get the best banking solution which is out there. If you do not have the time or ability to check all the financing options out there, do not be afraid, because you are not alone. Not many loan applicants have the time to do this, and maybe if they do, they do not posess the necessary skills and experience to carry on a full comparison. It is not easy to carefully check and compare 30 or so bank offers and make the best choice. This can only be done by a professional who has done this countless times. This is why you need the advice and help from the experts at Of course this will not cost you a cent, the consulation is free of charge!

Home loans, mortgages, real estate financing and personal loans from all the banks in Hungary!


Is it important to you that your money is safe? Would you like to achive a great return on your investment? Maybe both? With the help of our financial experts, this is all possible. We can offer a wide range of investment opportunities in Hungary, which can be personalized based on your needs!

We can and we will analyze your personal risk taking level and based on that, we can offer you a unique and personalized investment porfolio, which will satisfy your needs a 100 per cent. We will create short, mid and long term strategies for your convenient financial planning, this way we can achieve the maximum rate of return on your money. These investments are not just stock market based, the portfolio is very flexible.

Investments, life insurance, mutual funds in a personalized portfolio! Ask for a quotation now!

Insurances and pension funds

Is safety a big concern when you are driving? Of course. How about your wallett's and your car's safety? Auto insurance is a must when you decide to hit the road. We can offer you great help in choosing the cheapest provider of car insurance and thus saving you 15 per cent or more!
The safety of your family can be guaranteed by a life insurance policy. This way, if the worst comes, the rest of your family can have a chance to recover.
The multiple choice of pension funds in Hungary, can provide an opportunity to have a happy and full life after retirement. The more you save now, the better it will be later, as the returns and yields can end up as a considerable sum over the years. Do you need help to make the best choice regarding pension funds in Hungary? Contact us now!


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